Operational Group Membership

Operational Group Membership

Name DHB Role DHB
Grant Christey (Chair) Clinical Director - MTS Waikato DHB
Alaina Campbell Nurse Consultant/Programme Manager - MTS Waikato DHB
Damien Ah Yen  Trauma Consultant Waikato DHB
Jennifer Dorrian Trauma Nurse Specialist Waikato DHB
Brownwyn Denize Trauma Nurse Specialist Waikato DHB
Kylee Stewart Officer Manager MTS Hub
Mary Jane Pacua Service Coordinator MTS Hub
Neerja Singh Research  Co-ordinator MTS Hub
Carol Munt Service Coordinator MTS Hub
Alastair Smith Biostatistician MTS Hub
Thilini Alwis Data Manager MTS Hub
Katrina O’Leary TQIP Coordinator MTS Hub
Janette Caird Data Administrator Bay of Plenty DHB
Clare Swanson Trauma Nurse Specialist Bay of Plenty DHB
Laura Kwan Trauma Oriented Consultant Lakes DHB
Cherry Campbell Trauma Nurse Specialist Lakes DHB
Carolyn Duncum Data Administrator Lakes DHB
Steven Hudson Trauma Oriented Consultant Tairawhiti DHB
Karen MacDonald Trauma Nurse Specialist Tairawhiti DHB
Murray Cox Trauma Oriented Consultant Taranaki DHB
Kylie Keig Trauma Nurse Taranaki DHB


These Terms of Reference should be read in conjunction with each Midland DHB’s Annual Plan and the Midland Regional Services Plan.


Midland Trauma System (MTS) Operational Group is a clinical group with the capacity to guide and influence the direction of trauma care within the Midland region.

This group is committed to provide professional clinical leadership with the implementation and maintenance of the regional trauma system.

Provide a forum to raise issues and develop solutions in a collaborative environment across organisational boundaries within the Midland region.


  • Agree regional trauma clinical care pathways.
  • Identify functional constraints to delivery of optimal trauma care
  • Provide Quality Audit of regional trauma data.
  • Discuss cases where care of trauma patients was compromised
  • Review sentinel cases that cross organisational boundaries
  • Ensure consistency of trauma system delivery and focus across the region
  • Present new information/evidence relating to trauma care
  • Complete MTS work programme contained in the Midland Regional Services Plan.


The MTS Operational Group must act in accordance with the agreed Memorandum of Understanding as signed by the five Midland District Health Boards.


Grant Christey, Clinical Director, MTS


  • Clinical Director, MTS Hub
  • Trauma Nurse Consultant, MTS Hub, Waikato
  • Trauma Nurse Specialist, Waikato
  • Trauma Oriented Consultant, Lakes
  • Trauma Nurse Specialist, Lakes
  • Trauma Oriented Consultant, Taranaki
  • Trauma Nurse Specialist, Taranaki
  • Trauma Oriented Consultant, Bay of Plenty
  • Trauma Nurse Specialist, Bay of Plenty
  • Trauma Oriented Consultant, Tairawhiti
  • Trauma Nurse Specialist, Tairawhiti
  • Biostatistician, MTS Hub
  • TQIP Coordinator
  • Service Coordinator, MTS Hub
  • Data Entry, MTS Hub
  • Epidemiologist, MTS Hub
  • Research Coordinatory, MTS Hub
  • Project Manager, HealthShare Ltd

In the absence of any member of the MTS representative group, a nominee of the group they are representing may attend.


The Clinical Director and at least one member from each region with identified representatives.


The Operational Group is accountable to the MTS Strategic Group.

Frequency of meetings

Quarterly meetings, or as required.

Location of minutes

Minutes will be distributed to the group via email. A hard copy will be stored at the MTS Hub. An electronic copy will be filed on Nexus in the MTS clinical network folder. All members have secure access to this folder.