Strategic Group Membership

Strategic Group Membership

Name DHB Role DHB
Grant Christey (Chair) Clinical Director - MTS Waikato DHB
Alaina Campbell Nurse Consultant / Project Manager - MTS Waikato DHB
Rosemary Clements Chief Executive Officer Representative and Sponsor Lakes DHB
Gary Hopgood Regional CMA Representative Waikato DHB
TBC Chief Executive Sponsor - Midland Waikato DHB
Bronwyn Anstis Acting Chief Operating Officer representative Bay of Plenty DHB
Simon Everitt GM - Planning and Funding representative Bay of Plenty DHB
Kylie Keig Clinical Nurse Specialist-Trauma Service representative TaranakiDHB
Steven Hudson Trauma Oriented Consultant representative Tairawhiti DHB
Greg Simmons Taranaki DHB
Phyllis Tangatu GM Maori Lakes DHB
Janet Amey Epidemiologist Waikato DHB
Katrina O'Leary TQIP Coordinator Waikato DHB
Erika Barrie Finance Manager Waikato DHB
TBC Project Manager HealthShare Ltd

Terms of reference

These Terms of Reference should be read in conjunction with the Midland Regional Services Plan.


Midland Trauma System (MTS) Strategic Group will guide and influence the direction of trauma care in the Midland region.

The Strategic Group is committed to provide professional and clinical leadership with the implementation, maintenance and strategic direction of the regional trauma system.

The Strategic Group will discuss progress and new initiatives, raise issues and develop solutions in a collaborative environment across organisational boundaries within the Midland region.

The Strategic Group will promote a “patient-first” focus in quality improvement activities.


  • Influence pathways to enable the delivery of high standard trauma care for the region.
  • Make recommendations regarding trauma care delivery in the Midland region.
  • Ensure that MTS is able to complete the work programme contained in the Midland Regional Services Plan.
  • Address relevant issues brought to the attention of the group.
  • Improve the quality of trauma patient care in Midland.
  • Provide leadership in change management related to trauma that is recognised by internal and external stakeholders
  • Gather and share information that could impact trauma patients.
  • Engage with and maintain linkages across wider professional and/or occupational networks relevant to the delivery of trauma care.
  • Ensure that the quality programmes, including trauma verification, are supported in the region.
  • Determine the data use policy to guide the use of the MTS Registry data.
  • Ensure that resourcing is made available to enable MTS to meet the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) requirements of the Ministry of Health, as national mandated information.


The MTS Strategic Group must act in accordance with the agreed Memorandum of Understanding as signed by the five Midland District Health Boards on 3 November 2009.


Grant Christey, Clinical Director, MTS

Each committee member will represent both their individual DHB and professional group.


At least six of the above members.


The Strategic Group is accountable to the Midland DHB CEOs and Midland Board Chairs.

Frequency of meetings

Three meetings per year, or as required.

Location of minutes

Minutes will be distributed to the group via email. A hard copy and electronic copy of the minutes will be stored at the MTS Hub.