Our Strategy

Our Plan

The Te Manawa Taki (TMT) Trauma System is aligned with the TMT Regional Services Plan and uses a Triple Aim philosophy to define a broad and logical framework to guide its actions. It describes three realms: patient care, system improvement and injury prevention. The three realms are integrated into the TMT Trauma System Quality Improvement Model that has a high-quality trauma database at its core. Operationally it works through a hub and spoke model with the Hub team providing support for the clinical teams in Te Whatu Ora across the TMT region.


TMT Trauma System has a simple governance structure involving a strategic group with regional representation at many executive levels, and a larger operational group containing clinical, executive and management staff. The TMT Trauma System reports to the regional Boards, and Chief Executives as a regional clinical network, and to The Ministry of Health via the Regional Service Plan. Local issues are dealt with by the trauma service personnel and notified to the operational and strategic groups as appropriate via the Hub group.

Funding support for TMT Trauma System clinical staff was pledged by DHBs its inception in 2009 in alignment with the original TMT Trauma System business case and memorandum of understanding in 2009. To ensure that TMT Trauma System could get started in a tight fiscal climate, Te Whatu Ora Waikato agreed to fund the hub staff and system development for five years while TMT Trauma System became operational. Since July 2015, Te Whatu Ora within the TMT region have funded their own clinical and data management staff, and provided pro-rata funding of hub services. TMT Trauma System has fulfilled or exceeded the strategic objectives in the original BC and is moving progressively toward its optimal and sustainable and long term state.

Strategic Group

  1. Purpose

    Te Manawa Taki (TMT) Trauma System Strategic Group will guide and influence the direction of trauma care in the TMT region.

    The Strategic Group is committed to provide professional and clinical leadership with the implementation, maintenance and strategic direction of the regional trauma system.

    The Strategic Group will discuss progress and new initiatives, raise issues and develop solutions in a collaborative environment across organisational boundaries within the TMT region.

    The Strategic Group will promote a “patient-first” focus in quality improvement activities.

  2. Objectives
    • Influence pathways to enable the delivery of high standard trauma care for the region.
    • Make recommendations regarding trauma care delivery in the TMT region.
    • Ensure that TMT Trauma System is able to complete the work programme contained in the TMT Regional Services Plan.
    • Address relevant issues brought to the attention of the group.
    • Improve the quality of trauma patient care in Te Manawa Taki.
    • Provide leadership in change management related to trauma that is recognised by internal and external stakeholders
    • Gather and share information that could impact trauma patients.
    • Engage with and maintain linkages across wider professional and/or occupational networks relevant to the delivery of trauma care.
    • Ensure that the quality programmes, including trauma verification, are supported in the region.
    • Determine the data use policy to guide the use of the TMT Trauma System Registry data.
    • Ensure that resourcing is made available to enable TMT Trauma System to meet the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) requirements of the Ministry of Health, as national mandated information.
  3. Membership
    DHB RoleDHB
    Clinical Director - MTSWaikato DHB
    Nurse Consultant / Project Manager - MTSWaikato DHB
    Chief Executive Officer Representative and SponsorLakes DHB
    Regional CMA RepresentativeWaikato DHB
    Chief Executive Sponsor - MidlandWaikato DHB
    Acting Chief Operating Officer RepresentativeBay of Plenty DHB
    GM - Planning and Funding RepresentativeBay of Plenty DHB
    Clinical Nurse Specialist - Trauma Service RepresentativeTaranakiDHB
    Trauma Medical Director RepresentativeTairawhiti DHB
    GM MāoriLakes DHB
    EpidemiologistWaikato DHB
    TQIP CoordinatorWaikato DHB
    Finance ManagerWaikato DHB
    Project ManagerHealthShare Ltd

Operational Group

  1. Purpose

    Te Manawa Taki (TMT) Trauma System Operational Group is a clinical group with the capacity to guide and influence the direction of trauma care within the TMT region.

    This group is committed to provide professional clinical leadership with the implementation and maintenance of the regional trauma system.

    Provide a forum to raise issues and develop solutions in a collaborative environment across organisational boundaries within the TMT region.

  2. Objectives
    • Agree regional trauma clinical care pathways.
    • Identify functional constraints to delivery of optimal trauma care
    • Provide Quality Audit of regional trauma data.
    • Discuss cases where care of trauma patients was compromised
    • Review sentinel cases that cross organisational boundaries
    • Ensure consistency of trauma system delivery and focus across the region
    • Present new information/evidence relating to trauma care
    • Complete TMT Trauma System work programme contained in the TMT Regional Services Plan.
  3. Membership
    DHB RoleDHB
    Clinical Director - MTSWaikato DHB
    Nurse Consultant/Programme Manager - MTSWaikato DHB
    Trauma ConsultantWaikato DHB
    Trauma Nurse SpecialistWaikato DHB
    Officer ManagerMTS Hub
    Service CoordinatorMTS Hub
    Research Co-ordinatorMTS Hub
    Data ManagerMTS Hub
    TQIP CoordinatorMTS Hub
    BiostatisticianMTS Hub
    EpidemiologistMTS Hub
    Trauma Medical DirectorBay of Plenty DHB
    Data AdministratorBay of Plenty DHB
    Trauma Nurse SpecialistBay of Plenty DHB
    Trauma Medical DirectorLakes DHB
    Trauma Nurse SpecialistLakes DHB
    Data AdministratorLakes DHB
    Trauma Medical DirectorTairawhiti DHB
    Trauma Nurse SpecialistTairawhiti DHB
    Trauma Medical DirectorTaranaki DHB
    Trauma NurseTaranaki DHB

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