Our Team

Our mission in the Midland Trauma Research Centre is to conduct trauma research that contributes to the health and wellbeing of all people living in the Midland Region.

An ongoing programme of research, embedded in evidence and specific to our Midland context is essential to ensuring best practice clinical care, raising awareness of injury and prevention activities. Although we have made significant progress in all these areas since our inception in 2011, our work is far from over. The burden of injury simply remains too high and the highest cost is borne by injured people and their whānau. All District Health Boards across the Midland region have a strong commitment to addressing inequities for Māori and we share this commitment. We also have a significant rural population which pose challenges in injury prevention and an ageing population now brings particular issues for both clinical care and injury prevention.

Grant Christey

Midland Trauma System

Grant Christey, MTS Director

MTS Hub Service

  • Grant Christey
  • Alaina Campbell
  • Carol Hughes
  • Carol Munt
  • Thilini Alwis
  • Alastair Smith
  • Katrina O’Leary
  • Pragya Singhal
  • Ishani Soysa

Trauma Service Team

  1. Bay of Plenty Trauma Service
    • Jacques Marnewick
    • Clare Swanson
    • Janette Caird
    • Kaywyn MacKenzie
    • Kim Gunn
  2. Lakes Trauma Service


    • Carolyn Duncum
    • Peter Freeman
  3. Tairāwhiti Trauma Service
    • Steve Hudson
    • Jaki Boyle
    • Karen MacDonald
    • Kath Cordiner
  4. Taranaki Trauma Service
    • David Goodman
    • Alex Keegan
  5. Waikato Trauma Service
    • Grant Christey
    • Damien Ah Yen
    • Victor Kong
    • Bronwyn Denize
    • Gina Marsden
    • Mary Jane Pacua

Midland Trauma System is one of four New Zealand established regional hubs to progress regional and national priorities for the Major Trauma National Clinical Network (MTNCN). Click here for more information.

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