Bay of Plenty DHB Trauma Service

Bay of Plenty DHB Trauma Service

The Bay of Plenty District Health Board (BOPDHB) Trauma Service was established in 2011 within the Midland Regional Trauma Service (MRTS) to increase understanding of trauma, improve outcomes and patient service, through educational platforms, audit, feedback and improved hospital protocols/guidelines. 1100-1400 trauma patients are admitted to BOPDHB hospitals every year (10% increase year upon year).

Trauma patient needs are different to other admissions: Some require immediate intervention, resuscitation and transfer and other admissions demand intensive rehabilitation and ongoing care for complete recovery. By improving the treatment throughout their journey in the DHB we hope to provide faster, efficient and better care.

All trauma admissions are audited in a prospective database. Data is collected on admitted trauma patients per the Midland Regional Trauma System criteria and is a ready source of trauma related advice and understanding to such patients.

These vital statistics are shared with the entire region in a coordinated approach to understand the needs of our patients.

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