Trauma Symposium Webinar Series

june, 2022

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Event Details


Session dates

Session 1 – June 27

Session 2 – July 25

Session 3 – September 19

Session 4 – October 17


Session times

18:30 – 20:30 hrs


Topics covered

Session 1  –  Clinical controversies

Chair: Grant Christey

Time Speaker Topic
18:30 Chair – Grant Christey Opening
18:35 Grant Christey Trauma stats
19:00 Jonathan Wills Traumatic cardiac arrest
19:25 Victor Kong Blunt abdominal trauma
19:50 Murray Cox Pelvic fracture dilemma’s – regional perspective
20:15 Aleisha Sutherland Chest injury pathway



Sessions:  2  |  3  |   4

Session 2 – MTP & VTE in trauma Session 3 – Trauma Brain Injury Session 4 – Patient care in a
Chair: TBC Chair: TBC Chair: TBC
Topic Topic Topic
· Opening · Opening · Opening
· Use of filters & international best practice · 8 year TBI review · Discharge dilemma’s
· Regional MTP changes · Management of mild/moderate TBI · Mount Ruapehu case study
· Case Study · Forest search and rescue
· Managing aggressive TBI patients · FENZ rescues


Privacy disclaimer – joining a virtual meeting

To protect the integrity and security of our virtual meetings against any privacy breaches we must be mindful of others in our location, and continue to protect the privacy of our patients, staff and data. 

It is prohibited, in any way, to reveal the contents of the meeting with anyone other than the people invited to the virtual meeting. 

Please ensure that you;  Refrain from joining virtual meeting in public areas; If joining in from an open plan office space, your screen is not overlooked and that you use headphones and  you protect confidential data on your device from being viewed at all times


*This is not a public event


(Monday) 6:30 pm


Midland Trauma System

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