Midland Trauma Symposium 2019

Midland Trauma Symposium 2019

On April 5 2019 the Midland Trauma System hosted the Trauma Symposium at Waikato Hospital.

The event attracted over 130 staff from around New Zealand.  The Symposium was open to all health related personnel including nursing, medicine, allied health as well as St John.

Delegates were treated to numerous presentations from a variety of speakers on patient experiences, trauma challenges, new advances in trauma patient management and pre and post hospital patient management matters.

Keynote speakers included Kate Martin, General and Trauma Surgeon from the Alfred hospital in Melbourne and Kate Dale, Nurse Practitioner from the Gold Coast Hospital.  Both speakers spent some time with staff from the Midland Trauma System prior to the Symposium and congratulated staff on what they had achieved as a region.  A special mention was given to the achievement of Waikato Hospital staff that had recently been successful in achieving Level 1 Trauma Centre-a first in New Zealand.

The Midland Trauma System hosted the Symposium to raise the profile of the trauma patient, their experiences and the management required to optimise outcomes.  Symposiums like this are important as they enable staff to engage and network with others to share and to collaborate ideas to provide best practice care to the trauma patient.

The Midland Trauma System will be hosting this Symposium annually and next year’s date is already saved.  The theme for the 2020 Symposium is ‘Excellent teams-Reaching Greater Heights’.  The focus will be on multi team collaboration required to optimise trauma patient outcomes in our specialty groups; trauma in pregnancy, paediatric trauma, older adult trauma, musculoskeletal injuries and Trauma guidelines.


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