Midland Trauma Research Centre

Midland Trauma Research Centre


Research with the Midland Trauma Research Centre


The Midland Trauma Research Centre has been established to guide the outputs of the Midland Trauma System Registry. It blends information from various sources to provide a comprehensive picture of trauma in our community.

Research work will be focused primarily on assessing and addressing the needs of the Midland health community. This will be done by using trauma information and listening to our communities about what is important to them.

The centre will produce high quality data to give users the confidence that the information they are using to promote positive change is representative and reliable.

The aim is to reduce the burden of trauma in our community.

If you have enquiries about research or are interested in conducting research with the Research Centre please email MTS@waikatodhb.health.nz.




  • Rob Waddell (Patron)
  • Dr Grant Christey (Chair)
  • Dr Ross Lawrenson
  • Veronique Gibbons
  • Rob Vigor-Brown
  • Alaina Campbell
  • Kathryn Jenkin
  • Neerja Singh
  • Alastair Smith

Key regional studies completed or in progress for 2015-16


  • Paediatric trauma
  • Trauma in Older Persons
  • Trauma by Ethnicity
  • Rural Trauma
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Paediatric TBI
  • Paediatric Intentional Injury
  • Neuro-trauma Transfer Efficiencies
  • Econometrics of Patient Transfer to Definitive Care – the ‘Trauma Track’