Motorcyle Awareness Month – starts 1 September 2019

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Motorcycle Awareness Month starts this Sunday 1st September. This is an annual initiative to raise awareness of motorcycle safety and is led by the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) supported by ACC and Safer Journeys partners. The campaign will target both motorcyclists and drivers, with motorcyclists being asked to refresh their skills with a Ride […]

Written off: The true cost of road deaths

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The total cost of crashes on New Zealand’s roads was about $6 billion last year, when 377 people died and thousands more were injured.  Why is the price so high, and what is being done about it?  Ben Strang investigates. Listen to the full insight documentary. Ben Strang, Police Report from Insight, August 30, 2019.

Midland Trauma Research Centre 2019 Kudos Awards winners

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Above photo: Stephen Barker / Barker Photography. Copyright:  © KuDos Science Trust (Back: Gina Marsden, Janet Amey, Grant Christey, Rob Vigor-Brown, Damien Ah Yen. Middle: Kevin Snee, Kathy Jenkin.  Front: Bronwyn Denize, Kylee Stewart and Alaina Campbell). Waikato DHB people won two major awards as Hamilton and Waikato’s science and innovation sector celebrated the region’s […]

117 killed in quad bike deaths in New Zealand

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Hamish McLennan was barely even moving when his quad bike rolled into a metre-wide drain holding about a foot of water. The 57-year-old had headed out to spray the weeds on his Darfield farm early on April 7, 2015, and his family believes he had probably stopped to lean out and douse a blackberry bush […]

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