Bid for safer footpaths

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The Government is looking at ways to make footpaths more pedestrian friendly as new forms of transport such as e-scooters change the way people get around. It’s looking at: Clarifying that pedestrians and people in wheelchairs have right of way on the footpath Putting in a speed limit of 15km/h (about running speed) and a […]

Two wheels good, four wheels bad: Pathways for scooters and bikes ‘urgently’ needed in Hamilton

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Wider, smoother pathways that can be shared by pedestrians, cyclists and scooter riders are likely to become a priority of Hamilton’s infrastructure planning, with city-dwellers embracing the two-wheeled options for commuting with gusto. It was an apparent epiphany shared by Hamilton City Councillors attending an infrastructure operations committee meeting on Thursday, during a report about public feedback on […]

Waipā drivers coming to terms with lower speed limits

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Waipā’s newly introduced road speed limits have been labelled “income-generating” for police but supporters of the changes say it’ll lead to safer driving habits. More speed limit changes are proposed for the district, on top of the 200 that were introduced in November 2019. Details were outlined by the council’s manager transportation Bryan Hudson and its transportation planning engineer, Xinghai […]

Cops on (e-bike) patrol coming to a city near you

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Meet the latest crime fighting tool for New Zealand police: the e-bike. A four-week long trial of e-bikes will begin in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland from February 12 as police patrols move up a gear around city streets. Sergeant Hamish Knight said officers would patrol the four cities on e-bikes, just as they would on foot, or […]

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