Midland Trauma specialist impressed

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The research will see the National Trauma base hosted by Midland who have been measuring times over the past five years and modelling who goes where in order to ensure that money is not being wasted. The Regional Trauma Guidelines being developed will help save time and hold ups and this means that the response […]

Road crashes cost Waikato $111m

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The number of people seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes is continuing to climb each year and is now the leading cause of trauma in the Waikato. And with the climbing rate, is the increasing social cost which shows road crashes cost the country $3.14billion a year, according to the Ministry of Transport.

Quad bike crashes soaring in Waikato

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The first one, in 2007, ruptured his spleen, nearly killing him. In November he was sent to the hospital again with five fractured ribs and a cracked sternum. But there’s no quad bike accident that can keep Robert Fitzgerald’s 62-year-old father from farming.

Slow down – it’s road safety week

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Too many people die or are seriously injured on our New Zealand roads. These incidents place a huge toll on families, friends and our community. The cost of emergency services, medical care, reparation and human grief is enormous. In the past five years the share of hospital costs alone in the Midland Region was more […]

New trauma patient system expected to save lives

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A new approach in dealing with trauma patients launched in Hamilton is expected to save about 20 lives each year, and even more if it goes national. Waikato, Lakes, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and Tairāwhiti District Health Boards are using the system to provide better co-ordination of essential care and rehabilitation for hospital patients. Nearly […]

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