Fighting meth harm regions

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  The Government is investing $20 million in regional programmes to reduce the damage methamphetamine use is causing to whānau, businesses, their communities and economies. “Meth use is killing regional New Zealand. Community and industry leaders have told us of the deep and widespread impact it is having,” Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones said. […]

Dangerously Tired

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  Fatigue played a major role in the quad bike accident that nearly cost Chris Biddles his life. Now he’s warning other farmers of the dangers of overwork.Chris runs Te Atarangi Angus stud at Te Kopuru, south-west of Dargaville. The family has poured 36 years of hard work into the thriving 1,000 ha, 260 cow […]

Study finds wellbeing and injury connection

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  New research has established the links between aspects of diminished wellbeing and on-farm injuries.The study, aimed to understand the relationship between aspects of diminished wellbeing and on-farm injuries, asked 500 farmers receiving ACC to quantify the extent to which different aspects of diminished wellbeing had contributed to their accident.The results were telling – well […]

An injury prevention case study

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  This video outlines the link between personal wellbeing and the rate of injury on farm. It also provides an overview of Farmstrong, the partners involved, research undertaken, the theory of behaviour change and how Farmstrong delivers the programme. Farm Strong: Krissy Cloutman

What are the biggest myths in biking, and why?

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There are quite a lot of myths, untruths, misconceptions, call them what you will about motorcycling. And they tend to hang around, even after they should have been ‘fact-checked’ into oblivion. Why is that? What underlies the persistence of these myths? Click on the link to read the full article. Ride Forever (an ACC initiative)

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