Road to Zero: A New Road Safety Strategy for NZ

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In December 2019, the Government launched Road to Zero: NZ’s road safety strategy 2020-2030. On average one person is killed every day and another is injured every hour in road crashes nationwide. The ripple effects of these tragedies are devastating for whānau, friends, communities, workplaces – and our whole country. Everyone, even great drivers, can […]

Roadside drug driving test to be law by 2021

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Roadside drug testing will be conducted by police from 2021, the government says. Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter will introduce a bill to Parliament early next year giving police powers to run random roadside saliva testing. “Last year, 95 people were killed in preventable crashes where the driver was found to have drugs in […]

Discounted electric-bikes offered to public sector workers

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Discounted electric bikes will be offered up to public sector staff across the country as part of the Government’s work to reduce transport emissions and support healthier transport options. Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter officially launched the new initiative at Wellington Hospital today. “The Government has negotiated bulk-purchase discounts on e-bikes which will […]

Hamilton’s Lime scooters travel the world four times in less than three months

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Hamilton’s lime scooters have travelled the equivalent of around the world four times since they launched in the city almost three months ago. More than 28,000 people have used the app since it launched 23 August, collectively travelling more than 170,000km over almost 116,000 trips as of 11 November. The figures on growth of the scooter provider in the Waikato […]

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