Annual Reports

Our annual reports say who we are and what we are doing. There are sections showing the volumes of patients admitted to hospital, demographic profiles, event information, performance indicators, outcomes and maps pinpointing communities at risk. We use this information to highlight the impact of trauma in the region but also to show what we are doing about it.


MTS Annual Report

Key achievements for 2018 include:

  • Introduction of the Optimised Recovery After Trauma (ORAT) programme
  • Attainment of Level 1 trauma verification status by Waikato Hospital – the highest level possible and a first for New Zealand
  • Completion of our regional trauma education and training needs assessment
  • Completion of patient experience study in collaboration with WINTEC
  • Implementation of integrated trauma work plans in all Midland DHBs directly contributing to regional strategic health priorities
  • Snapshot infographics to translate trauma information for individual DHBs and stakeholder groups
  • Publication of research on the topics of psychiatric comorbidities in adult survivors of major trauma; livestock related injuries, equine injuries, audit findings on ethnicity data and on monitoring the pre-hospital transport of severely injured patients
Cover of MTS Annual Report 2018
Annual Report
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MTS Annual Report

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