Annual Reports

Our annual reports say who we are and what we are doing. There are sections showing the volumes of patients admitted to hospital, demographic profiles, event information, performance indicators, outcomes and maps pinpointing communities at risk. We use this information to highlight the impact of trauma in the region but also to show what we are doing about it.


MTS Annual Report

Key achievements for 2020 include:

  • Equity focus and collaboration with Ngā Toka Hauora Māori
  • Standardised trauma reception processes introduced
  • Loop closure and trauma quality assessment report
  • Regional case reviews
  • Trauma team training throughout the region
  • Delivering high quality trauma care throughout COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Regional data collection and injury audit
  • HSQC Quality Improvement Facilitators (QIF) course participation
  • Road to Zero Transport Safety collaboration
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MTS Annual Report

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MTS Annual Report

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MTS Annual Report

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MTS Annual Report

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MTS Annual Report

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