Reducing quad bike trauma through blokes and pies

Reducing quad bike trauma through blokes and pies

Dave’s a 57 year old Waikato Farmer. He’s really practical and hands on, and achieves a lot in one day.

He’s married with three adult children, doesn’t use Facebook or other online platforms, preferring traditional methods of communication. He’s driven quad bikes most of his life, enjoys a beer with the boys – when he has time – and likes the odd pie.

Dave’s also fictional.

His persona was created through data and empathy interviews collected by three of Wintec’s new Design Hub students Caitlyn Wendt, Zoe Wilkinson and Hayden Thorn to help Midland Trauma System’s (MTS) target of reducing the number of quad bike incidents in the Waikato.

A concept the students presented for MTS is to hold community based events run by the farmers, for the farmers called ‘Bikes, Blokes & Pies’. This will give them a chance to share their quad bike stories and learn about improving their safety when using quad bikes over a coffee and a pie.

Their insights into farmers like Dave came from research and interviews with farmers, relatives of quad bike users, recreational quad bike users, Worksafe NZ, Waikato DHB staff, and quad bike mechanics.

“When we were told students could help us solve industry problems through design thinking we jumped at the chance” says Dot Brown, manager of research at the Midland Trauma System based at Waikato Hospital.

“Our problem is a major – how might we reduce the number of quad bike incidents in the Waikato?”

Data collected by MTS between 2012 and 2015 showed that of all quad bike injuries, 76 per cent involved males, 70 per cent occurred on farms and 10 per cent on the road. Spinal injuries were sustained by 76 people.

“These kinds of figures are alarming. Right from the pressure placed on the emergency team and trauma surgeons to save their life, through to the long recovery that impacts them both mentally and physically, impacting heavily on their whanau” says Dot.

“The students have done a fantastic job providing us fresh insights and ways of trying to tackle trauma through Bikes, Blokes & Pies events. We’re really looking forward to seeing these through.”

The students presented MTS with a final report on their findings and recommendations with Dot describing the quality as well beyond their undergraduate years.

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