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Midland Trauma Research Centre (MTRC)

The Midlands Trauma Research Centre (MTRC) is part of the MTS and was established to translate data into knowledge. The focus of the MTRC is to identify and monitor trauma issues which can then be addressed by the appropriate people in the wider team – whether the issues are clinical, systems infrastructure or injury awareness or prevention in nature. The ethos of the MTRC aligns with that of MTS as a whole, in which research will be focussed primarily on the needs of patients, their whānau/families and their communities.

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Interested in conducting research with us?

This is an online submission process to express an interest in research with the Midland Trauma Research Centre.

Midland Trauma Research Resources


Strategic Direction

This plan outlines our priorities for the next three years. We are now building on our strong foundations and will actively collaborate with others to achieve our research goals.


Researcher's Pack

This booklet is designed to provide you with information about us and what we do, the
Midland Trauma Registry (which is the source of our data) and how to get started on
research with the MTRC.


Data Use Policy

This document outlines our agreed rules for safe and effective use of data from the Midland Trauma System Registry. It is expected that all data users understand and abide by the MTS Data Use Policy and Terms of Use. 

Latest News

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