TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course) Funding

Promoting access for frontline nursing staff in the Midlands to core trauma knowledge and skills necessary for the care and management of the severely injured patient.

Cost Analysis of Trauma in the Community

On average the total cost of in hospital trauma care alone is over $60 million per year in Midland. The total cost to the individuals and communities is much greater.  Understanding this cost of trauma in more detail will guide us on how to reduce this burden.

Bi-National Trauma Data and Quality Improvement Survey

To understand the current use of trauma data for quality improvement work and where clinicians think the focuses should be.

Midland Trauma Destination Policy

Mapping changes and outcomes following the implementation of the Midland trauma destination policy to review whether patients are getting to the right place at the right time.

Motorcycle crash

Motorcycle Crash Study Collaboration with NZTA

MTS is working with the NZTA to understand the patterns and costs of injury related to motorcycle crashes. This will allow us to target groups at risk more effectively.

Quad bike on a farm

Rural and Work Related Injuries​

Farms, quad bike research, rural trauma, trauma related to large animals and horses and work related injuries. We have been defining activities and people associated with high risks of injury in rural environments so we can do something about it.

Regional Trauma Guidelines

These were developed to help guide a safe and standardised approach to major trauma based on principles of best practice.

The Right Track

MTS along with NZ Police, NZ Fire, St Johns Community magistrates participate to deliver a multi-experiential, highly effective programme, to a range of young people from all walks of life who have been charged with driving offences. It boasts a remarkable 80% non-recidivism rate since inception.

Child Injury Prevention

MTS partnered with event management students from the Waikato University to teach parents and kids about simple things they can do to reduce the risk of falls at home or school.

Pre Hospital Destination Matrix

Pre-hospital destination matrix promotes patients getting to the right place with the right resources at the right time.

School Teaching Programmes

Critical Point
Programme targeting Year 11-13 school students looking at the trauma consequences of bad decision making.

Te Aranui Trust Safe Driving Expo
Each year the Te Aranui Trust in collaboration with the Blue Light (police) organisation host the Safe Driving Expo in Western Bay of Plenty. A number of agencies including the Bay of Plenty DHB trauma service present sessions on the consequences of driving unsafely to around 2500 Year 11 students. Since inception of the Expo, the mortality in this age group has decreased, as has the incidence of road traffic crashes.

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