I started nursing at Waikato Hospital in 1969 and trained as a Comprehensive Nurse. I worked primarily in surgical at Waikato Hospital and in a private hospital until I married and had my two children.

While I was away from the hospital for 11 years, I spent eight as a volunteer ambulance officer for the Te Aroha area and in 1985 returned to Waikato Hospital. I was employed as a pool nurse on night duty for eight years and worked in all wards and units in the hospital. I was then employed on ward 12 surgical and in 1995 retrained as a RN. I then continued to work in the surgical until 2001 and then spent a period of 4.5 years as a union organiser for NZNO. In 2006 I was then re-employed by Waikato Hospital as the CNS for the Waikato Hospital Trauma Service.

I have always had an interest in the care of trauma patients and their outcomes. I feel communication with the patient’s and their family/whanau is an integral part of their care. In conjunction with the Clinical Director, Mr Grant Christey and the Trauma Specialist, Damien Ah Yen the co-ordination of care with other nursing/medical and allied services is vital for the recovery of the patient and their outcome. Our aim is to give holistic care to patients and families.