Trauma Nurse Workshop

Trauma Nurse Workshop

Workshop-1The Midland Trauma System (MTS) hosted a workshop for the MTS Trauma nurse group in Hamilton on 20th July.

This workshop was sponsored by the Midland Directors of Nursing and was organised to discuss the role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist –Trauma role and how it was operationalised in each of the Midland DHB’s.

There was full attendance at the day where enthusiastic and vigorous discussion was held around the main domains of the role and how they were achieved in different environments for the benefit of patients and the community.

The day was co-facilitated by members of the MTS and Waikato Professional Development Unit (PDU) which enabled effective and efficient discussion and the opportunity for all opinions to be expressed and valued.

Workshop-2Of particular note was the work that the CNS-trauma team linked to the overall strategic direction of the MOH, Midland and their own DHB noting that while application of the role is unique for each of their contexts the aim of the roles is consistent with making a difference for the people of our communities. Issues, benefits and concerns of the current ways of working were able to be pulled together along with opportunities.

The information from this workshop is being correlated and will be used to inform the next phase of work in collaboration with the coordinators and ADon Practise and Education. We would like to thank everyone for their positive contribution to this valuable work and look forward to updating you on progress.

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